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      I'm guessing NO. There is not (as far as I know) such a thing as a MIDI to jack cable.

      Theoretically, you could make a MIDIclock to jack closure cable, but I'm not aware of anyone who does.


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      Thank you for the answer !


      Lehle actually sell a MIDI to Jack cable :



      I mailed them too, we’ll see…


      Another solution would be the Disaster Area Smart Clock, but there is a huge difference between a 17 € cable & a 180 £ controller…


      Does anybody has other informations ?





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      Hi guys,


      I have a question : is it possible to transmit a tempo information with the Space ?


      I’ll buy a analog tremolo pedal soon, and I wish to have one with a tap tempo input. Do you think it’s possible to send tempo information wih the Space ? If I buy a MIDI to jack cable, and if I plug it from the Space’s MIDI OUT to the Tap Tempo Input, will it work ?

      I know there is a MIDI CLOCK option in the Eventide stompbox. I use to do it with my Pitchfactor to send tap tempo to an Arturia Minibrute. But the Arturia has a Midi Input, whereas many pedals just have a jack input for tap tempo.


      Thank you in advance



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      maybe a cheaper option, if your setup allows… use an Aux switch for tap tempo.. and split it to both the H9 and the Analog Tremelo?

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