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      From what I've read, the Space works by detection of what's connected, so it doesn't seem possible to have two independant sources and outputs unnaffected by each other. My Space is connected to the loop of my Boss GT-10 (left) and the aux send/return of my mixer to feed my synth. The problem is both inputs are summed, thus the effect on 1 channel effects the other, resulting in a cacophony. Am I correct in assuming this is a design thing, or is there a way to program the Space into becoming a dual mono signal processor using only 1 algorithm? Otherwise, I'll have to record the guitar and synth seperately.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi wilkinsi,

      You are correct in that this is a design aspect.  DualVerb is the only algorithm that will allow Dual Mono processing.  If you have both inputs and outputs plugged in, the FXmix know (A/B mix) will add an option for Dual Mono.  Just turn the knob all the way right to get to it.  Please note, that this feature only works correctly in V4 of Space.  The previous V3.2 had a bug.  Hope this helps.

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      I'm assuming my Eclipse will overcome this. Thanks.

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