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      Hello, I have a Space with the latest official OS ( 4.0.0Devil ), and am frequently seeing what I think is a bug when powering the unit up.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Space is powered off (with 1/4" cables plugged into the mono in and out jacks per a standard scenario).

      2. Power the Space on, where the preset that loads has tempo enabled.

      3. Immediately, the "Edited" LED is illuminated.

      Note: I double-checked the preset's tempo before and after the steps above, and the tempo wasn't changed.

      I have been told the only conditions that should trigger lighting of the "Edited" LED are:

      a) turning a Control Knob or,
      b) tapping Tempo or,
      c) moving the Expression Pedal or,
      d) receiving a MIDI command.

      In my example, none of these are applicable.

      While admittedly a minor thing, it is annoying (and a little troubling) to boot up the unit expecting a fully clean start-up state and instead seeing the "Edited" light showing.

      Any advice or feedback will be appreciated.

      – Jim

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      Eventide Staff

      The "edited" state may be saved from a previous run – what it means is that the current preset has been changed since it was first loaded. Since the unit remembers how you left it when last powered down, it cannot be said tot power up in a "clean" state.

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      Thanks for the reply Nick. After looking into what you said, the "Edited" state actually was recalled as part of that preset.

      I saved it again making sure nothing was edited, and now the Space boots up without the LED light showing.


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