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      Hi there. I note that output levels are now assignable to presets and this is really cool. Because the level is set via the encoder knob I can't see that this can be assigned to an expression pedal as a de facto volume control.

      I am running a ModFactor into a SPACE (Guitar – tuner – ModFactor – Space – Mesa Dual Recto) and control them via Midi (RJM Mastermind with expression pedal into Mastermind, Midi out to Mini Amp Gizmo in, out of Mini amp gizmo into midi in on ModFactor, midi out to midi in on Space).

      Is there a way I can use the expression pedal to control volume, rather than running a separate volume pedal?

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      I'd love to be able to control the output level with an expression pedal also. I wonder if there could be a future update possibly to address this idea? 

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