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      Just got the firmware updated and have been excited to give the freeze thing a whirl. I cleared the Hotswitch and dialed in the FRZ function on several patches and the same thing happened – slight and barely noticeable freezing of the note played, with reverb completely dropping out coupled with a drastic volume drop of entire signal, only returning to unity when hotswitch pressed to release FRZ. Either it's not working, or I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. Anybody else having trouble getting the freeze function to work properly? 

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      Hi agregoria,

      To me, it sounds like you're trying to use freeze by switching in to freeze mode, and then playing a note.  Freeze will cause the signal in the reverberators to recirculate infinitely, but if there is not enough signal in there, it will recirculate with very low energy.  Make sure you feed enough "note" into the reverberators and then Freeze to catch that immediate energy. 

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      Yes, I'm having a little trouble with the SPACE Freeze function as well. Not the pedal, I just don't quite understand it all. I'm only starting to explore the SPACE (with the latest update); I typically plan to use Bank Mode, but have been told I need to be in Play Mode. And that to get a note/chord Frozen, I need to use the Hot Switch.

      Is all that correct so far? Won't work properly in Bank Mode? I can get Infinite to work in Bank, just can't seem to get Freeze. Does the Mix need to be up near/at 100%? Hit a note/chord, then the Hot Switch (in Play)? Am I correct that Infinite works in Bank (and Play), but Freeze only in Play?

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      I'm having a little trouble understanding the SPACE Freeze function as well. I've been told I need to be in Play Mode, not Bank, to get the Freeze to work. Is that correct? Infinite seems to function in Bank. Do I need to use Play for Freeze? Hot Switch to access it? Mix at/near 100%? Play a note/chord, then hit the Hot Switch? Sorry, I am somewhat tech-challenged, and without direct instructions (in the manual), I can't always figure things out.

      Thank you,


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