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      Is it meant to cut of the pitch because that's what it seems to do rather than freeze it. Leaves a little 

      in the reverb tail but there is definately a huge drop when freeze is pressed and pitch is cut.

      This is pitch freeze mode, pitch+rev mode it sustains quite a bit because reverb sustains.

      Or is there a way to set decay etc. on hotswitch so it continues with pitch set on an unchanged

      note while play over it?

      (1st day with the space. Amazing, but still getting used to it)

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      I asked this same questions a few months back,  Got no response

      "When I use pitch freeze the pitched shifted sounds fade away, basically cuts right out when I use hot-switch to activate.  Is this the way it should work, I was under the impression I would hear the two shifted pitches in a hold pattern and could play over it with reverb."



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      so i guess its normal… description is quite ambiguous in the update but could mean this.. not to say its not useful…

      I thought changing decay times of the verb could be a way round this i haven't quite hit the sweet spot with it though.

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      Eventide Staff

      Your assumptions are correct.  Pitch-Freeze sets the pitchshifters to no pitch, to lock in whatever is recirculating in the reverb. Pitch+Verb-Freeze actually sets the verb to infinite as well as sets the pitch shifters to no shifting.  I implemented this in the pedal and wrote the original description in the update, but honestly I'm not sure how to make it less ambiguous.  I admit it's a bit of a tricky concept, but it's based on the structure of the algorithm.  You guys seemed to get the gist of it though :).    Sorry I missed the first query. 

      Because the Pitchshifters are in a feedback loop (thats what makes the pitch climb), there's no universal way to get a proper Freeze with pitchshifting still going.  It's a conservation of energy problem.  The pitchshifters are shifting energy higher and higher (or lower and lower)  in the spectrum until we run out of spectrum (digital systems are bandlimited).  The reverb in Shimmer is different that the others in Space, in that, the only way to do Infinite decay is feed it back into itself, and with ptichshfiters in the feedback loop…well you see where the problem lies.  The Pitchshifters need to be shut off. 

      However, I found this did give me two musically useful options, but they were'nt the ones I was originall shooting for. 

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      Thanks for the reply. cleared it up, i have other ways to get a frozen pitch drone if used with other delay/loop or pitch pedals on my board, just wondered if any settings would produce the effect. the current freeze thing actually seems pretty useful however and produces a more than useable outcome that makes the shimmer more interesting.. 

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