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      Greetings All,

      My Space running through menus and glitching out. I just updated it to see if it would help and am just running some sounds through it and will give it a little while as I monitor it. It started about a month ago and the pedal itself is about 1 1/2 years old…

      Its been taken care of as a desktop with my synth and never gigged etc. Has anyone found a solution to similar issues?

      Best Regards- Eddy

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      Could you send an email to about this issue?  With these kind of problems, we want to make sure that a support ticket is created so we can track the problem and make sure it's resolved.

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      Well it was fine since November and it just started doing it again today (Aug). Its a bummer since this is one of my favorite pedals for reverb. I will reset it again and maybe update it? I am not sure what leads to it glitching through all the menus. Anyway, does anyone else have a solution for this? Is this something normal the Space Pedals go through? Cheers

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      Eventide Staff

      This is probably a bad internal connection, most likely in the ribbon cable that goes between the two circuit boards. You could try and fix it yourself, otherwise it has to come in.

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      Thanks a lot for the tip, I had the exact same problem with my space-pedal. Glitching out, even in h9 control you could see the knobs twirling around. Had it on for aboiut 30 minutes now and no signs of erratic behaviour so far, knock knock.


      I just opened it up gently and wiggled the ribbon-connector that was connected to the bottom board and seems to have worked.

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