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      Hi. I would like to run H9 send midi cc messages to my hardware synth’s midi/audio channels in Live (set up through External Instrument), as well as be able to automate those messages. How would I go about setting it all up in Live? Also, do I really need an audio interface with at least 4 outs to be able to fully integrate the Eventide H9 into my set up? Just wanna layer and record some eventide goodness over my hardware synths. Any tips/help?


      Im running 

      OS X  El Captain V 10.11.6 on a Macbook Pro

      Audio Interface : NI Komplete audio 6 

      Ableton Live 9 Suite

      Korg Minilogue

      Arturia Minibrute

      Elektron Analog Rytm

      Eventide Space Hardware



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