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      Hi !

      I got a big problem with my Space Eventide.
      It worked well during a few months. Now, after playing a few minutes the parameters are changing all the time !

      Here is a video showing that :

      I use the power supply delivered with the Space, the jack are ok (I tested them with the other Eventide stompboxes).
      I updated the software but it didn't change anything.

      I don't know wath to do and it's very boring because the sound changes all the time. So I can't use it in live  🙁

      Please, help !

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      Eventide Staff

      Looks like a loose connection in the circuitry that reads the knobs. You should contact your dealer, or

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      I have this exact same problem. Just a heads up.

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      Hey man !

      It was a hardware problem ! So I returned it where I bought it ! I had 3 years warranty at Thomann store. But only one at Eventide. So I don't have to pay ! I still wait for it to be returned.

      Feel free to listen to my songs 😉

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      Has the problem been solved?

      My Space starts doing this to now and I haven't used it very often.

      My guess ist the power supply. I've changed the Space supply with the TimeFactor supply and hasn't hapened again yet (Fingers crossing). But now I have some high tone in the background and I think this it from the new switching power supply of the space that I'm using with the TimeFactor.

      I can't belive that such a expesive pedal is delivered with a 5,-€ power supply (and this is the price, when you order one, I think eventide has payed less!)

      I've started to design one on my own, because I don't like to pay another 259,-€ for a PowerFactor2 that has features that I don't need. Isn't magic to build a good supply that can deliver stable 12V@400mA.

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      I use the powerfactor because I got 4 Eventide pedals.

      Isn't there a difference of mA between the Space and the Timefactor powersupplies ? Be careful !

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      Current doesn't matter, unless it's to less, so the power supply gets overheated or the voltag drops (or both).

      You can use a 20000mA power supply, if the Voltage fits. Somebody from eventide posted that the Factor pedals run best with stabilized (!!!) 12V and it needs less current (400mA) and not 500mA@9V.

      I think this happens with the space supply, because it only happened, when powered up for a longer time. The Space Supply has 9V@500mA, with the voltage drop on the thin cable, and the Space with all lights lit, it may be to less. 

      I'm ill at the moment, but I'll do some tests with the power supply and messure the current and voltage when it powers the space.

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      Yes, I know that current doesn't matter but only if it's higher. I verified the voltage and the current of eeach power supply. 9V 500mA for Space and 9V 1200 mA for Time or ModFactor. So it must be ok with all these power supplies. Actually, I use the PowerFactor and it works with 12V 400mA. It was ok for a moment.Then it began to change all the parameters like shown in the video.

      They said it was an hardware problem. It took 6 months to got it back. Since, I only used it 3 times and not for a long time use. I hope it will be ok …

      I really wish you to find the problem !

      Look after yourself, take your medicine 😉

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