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      I just completed my collection of Eventide stomp boxes by adding Space. Wow!

      Now I have to get it all integrated into my pedal board… And I'll post a pic when its done.

      My initial thoughts:

      Aside from the great sound and flexibility that I expected from hearing it live @ NAMM and all the advertising…

      Eventide got the user interface RIGHT on this one. Up/down controls via the built-in switches and REALLY easy to read display makes this pedal SO much easier to use than the others.

      Hey Eventide:  You need to update the software on the other pedals to get rid of that strange "bank" structure and just have a simple 1-100 single bank with the middle pedal allowing up/down controls.

      And I would pay for an upgrade to get rid of those green dot matrix displays for the easily readable RED ones on Space. Seriously, I'd send my pedals back in for, say, $100 each, for a factory update to the other type of display. It is that much better.

      Now I realize they are probably soldered to the board and it would not be economical to change the other support components and driver software to accommodate this change, but a fella can dream….

      Thoughts, anyone?

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      Hi David,

      Glad you like Space! Some Space's features that you mentioned came from directly from customer feedback.

      No word yet on any pedal conversion options but we'll keep you posted. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!


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      Thank you, Alan!

      Really great sounding pedal, amazing.


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