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      Hi all,

      Just picked up an Eventide Space and was super excited to try using the hotswitch for infinite decay, but I was disappointed when I turned the decay knob up only to find it maxed out at 50 seconds 🙁 this was on the hall setting. I also tried with the Dual Reverb setting and on that one each reverb’s decay again only went to 50 seconds. Am I missing something obvious? Do I need a firmware update? I attached an image from the manual that states you can set the decay knobs to infinite. Any help is appreciated!

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      Freeze & Infinite were added to Space with the 4.0.0(6) update.  So check your current version, and if it’s not, update it with Eventide Device Manager.

      Here are a few pointers, with the breakdown of how those parameters should work, a little further down in the thread:

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