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      As the subject says… sometimes when I am playing my Space stompbox just starts wildly changing it's own settings.  I have seen it change pretty much every setting within a matter of 10 seconds..  Out of nowhere, it just rapidly starts going crazy.  There is nothing more disconcerting than playing a nice quiet ambient guitar part and the "size" setting goes from very high to very low… It's a cool effect if you're ready for it, but if not it just scares the hell out of you.

      Anyone else experiencing this?  If so, have you remedied the issue?

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure you are using the correct power supply. If you are, it is probably a bad internal connection, and you should contact

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      Hey there!

      I had the same problem with my pitchfactor, with the changes occuring more and more often over time.

      In my case, it was all due to a faulty connection of a ribbon cable inside the pedal, which wasn't under warranty anymore.

      I took it upon myself to open up the stompbox, and to reconnect the ribbon cable. It's been two months now, and the pedal works perfectly. If you want more info, I took some pictures of the operation, and I could explain the whole thing in more details.

      NB: I live in Europe, so it wasn't very practical for me to send the unit to the USA to have it repaired. But for American residents, the best solution might as well be to send it to Eventide.

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      I have the EXACT same problem, i use the PowerFactor 2. always thought it was a software problem but if it's a hardware problem i might have to look at other options…

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      I have tried with the power supply that came with it and it still does it. It is being sent off tomorrow.  Its crazy… I spent $500 on this pedal 6 months ago and it's already having problems. NOW, I have to pay shipping to send it to Eventide to be repaired even though it's under warranty and should not be broken already considering it's spent its life on a board in my bedroom. What a racket.  That amount of money used to get you something quality.

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      I had the same thing happen last night.  I noticed that one of the presets changed on it's own and then found that all of my presets had changed.  It went back and forth like this for about 15 minutes until I tried to go back in and re-set my presets when it changed all of my presets to the same reverb and now I can't change them.  Help please!!!!

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