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      Hello there,

      New to this forum, recently acquired an Eventide Space pedal,  possibly the best guitar effects pedal i've owned.

      One little problem, i'm having trouble installing the 4.0.0Devil update, i signed up on the website, registered my pedal, downloaded and installed update utility for Mac (i'm using a MacBook Pro), connected the pedal to Mac using USB lead, Mac found pedal in seconds, downloaded 4.0.0Devil update – all with no problems. Selected "yes" when asked if i'd like to install update and a new box appeared with a progress bar saying "Checking device…" and then nothing happens, no movement on the progress bar or more instructions. I've left it like this for over an hour on three separate occasions making sure the Mac doesn't go into sleep mode each time, still no sign of the update installing.

      Any advice or tips on what i'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated!


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having trouble..

      First thing would be to try a different cable. If that's no good, try a different computer, If that's no good, contact

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      Hey, did you solve the problem? It's the same with my Space… Cheers Jakob

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      I'm having the same problem with my TimeFactor. Let me know if you find a solution.

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