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      From the Space user guide: With Spill enabled the ‘tail’ of the previous Preset effect ‘spills’

      over when a new Preset is loaded. That means that Spill option is available only when the effect is engaged, and not in bypass mode. I think it would be a really nice feature to have spill smoothly fading even disengaging the pedal, especially with long decay reverbs like shimmer, modechoverb, dual verb, blackhole ecc. Maybe I'm missing something?

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      set up the bypass mode to DSP+FX.  Spillover will occur when you put space into bypass.

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      Thank you! Maybe you can help me to solve another – I hope less dumb – issue. When I switch preset via MIDI PC messages, sometimes a short but noticeably (and annoying) increase of signal volume occurs. Is this the normal behavior of the unit? Thank you again.

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      You're welcome glad to help, Sorry I don't use MIDI for PC messages, but I remember seeing a post about this problem recently.  Check it out for a possible answer.  

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