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      Hello everyone,

      I am patiently trying to wire my pedalboard in order to use it in a simple but effective stereo and/or mono set-up but I did not succeed yet.

      My Eventide Space is the last of four stereo pedals (Memory Lane2, Pitchfactor, Timeline then Space) and everything works fine with two amps but I would be very happy if I could go back to a mono setting simply by removing the jack of the "Output 2" of the Space.

      Is it possible ? Where am I wrong ? Do I have to check the Space's menu ?

      Thank you for your patience if you survived my broken english.

      Have a nice day !

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi oliolo,

      All of the Eventide pedals "know" what is plugged in, so if you unplug output2 of Space, but leave input1 and input2 plugged in, it will still do the stereo processing, but will sum the output to mono in output1.  I'm not sure what the MemoryLane or Timeline do, you might want to check.   

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