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      Billy Foppiano

      And I am conquerin it. I knew I was gonna get this pedal. It took a while, one of the rules of being a pro musician is "Never buy anything on time", cause ya never know when the $ is comin in. Well, after denying mysef some other luxerys, I'm here. And "Yas" is what I say.

      2 anomolies. When you name a patch in Space in the Lib program, I can't get it to go over to the stomp. It works with TF and MF BUT not Space.

      If we use a different pedal to trigger the hotswitch, it would be great if the hotswitch light would light up. The display "sometimes" triggers (and shows the parameters), but the light would help us remember what state we are in when we are doing other thngs (soloing, singing, etc)

      Otherwise. Damn. I saved money rifgt off the bat , buying this thing. I have forgotten to take in meals, while I'm "Spacin OUT"

      Nice job, boys!!!

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      Haha, yes don't forget to eat!

      Thanks for the tips! We will check these things out.


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      Billy Foppiano

      Thanks you, the Hotswitch lighting when triggered remotely is a BIG one.

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