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      I'm beginner to  MIDI control, recently set my pedal board done and try to sync them with Midi signal. The signal chain is:  

      SPACE  —midi—>  TIMEFACTOR  —midi—>  MOOG MuRF

      I use one expression pedal to control  SPACE & TF, set the SPACE as master and TF as slave.
      (learned the tip from here:

      With an aux switch (like this one: , I simultaneously tap tempo the SPACE & TF.

      Now I encountered the problem that I don't know how to sync the TF's tempo toward the MOOG MuRF. The TF's midi output set on [XMT], midi clock set [ON], but the MuRF didin't follow the TF's tempo. I don't know where the trouble is, the midi channel setting or anything else. 

      By the manual, the default setting of Moog midi channel is set on "1", and as the MuRF receives a CC9 message, the "Rate" (tempo) of MuRF will follow the CC9 message. (Moog Midi MuRF manual page.18). I googled many threads and people said the MuRF will follow the midi clock from other device or midi controller, but I don't know how to make it "follow."

      I'm totally ain't good at Midi issues, need help, please.


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      I posted my situation on Moog forum, hope it could help someone like me. 

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