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      Hey Eventide!

      I think it’s would be very cool to be able to use the delays of space time algorithm in parralel (but in series with the reverb)

      in order to do ping pong delay into reverb 🙂


      Is it planned? If not, is this possible?

      That’s the only thing that prevents me from buying the H9 (i already own TF, PF and Space)



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Adistom,

      The SpaceTime algorithm allows you to run the Reverb either in series or in parallel with the two Delays (which are actually in parallel with each other).  

      The VERB LVL knob is divided into two distinct sections through its travel.  In the first half, the Reverb is in series with the Delays and in the second half, the Reverb is in parallel.  If using H9 Control, press the "Pedal View" button in the top left corner of SpaceTime's parameters page to view the routings.

      Regarding ping pong delays, the Delays in SpaceTime are in parallel as stated, but the feedback paths are not setup for a ping pong effect.  You would need an external device such as a mixer with sends and returns to get a ping pong effect by setting up the proper feedback network.  Additionally, with the Reverb routed in series with the Delays you would get Reverb sent back through the Delays as well.

      I hope this helps!


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      Thanks a lot but not really helping, i just wanted to know if it may be possible in future updates of this algorithm to have the option for the delay to ping pong.

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