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      I love everything about Space but one (very important) thing: I’m really disappointed that the spring algorithm doesn’t have the proper/historical placement of tremolo after the reverb.

      I use the Space for guitar, and because of Fender amps, spring reverb is a very important sound to get right. Space does a great job, but all Fender amps all had tremolo AFTER the reverb.

      On Space, when I turn up the reverb mix to any audible level, the tremolo is almost unnoticeable, and it lacks the Fender sound that the whole thing is going for.

      Yes, I know about the Tremoloverb algorothm, but it isn’t anywhere close to a Fender amp sound.

      Eventide clearly thought that an option for authentic Fender-style POST-reverb tremolo was import enough to make it an option on their Spring plug-in. Why not make it an option for Space?

      I would pay a lot of money to replace the current spring algorithm with one having properly/historically placed tremolo (I really don’t want to replace Space with one of its competitors or buy another trem pedal to do what Space was trying to accomplish in the first place).

      Can I just slip some money to some engineer at Eventide to send me an update that will make that very simple change to my Space (while at it, maybe make the tremolo deeper)?


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