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      I have an idea for a possible update for Space: I'd love to see the ability – as an option – to have the [MIN VAL] for aux-switches assigned to a control knob always be whatever the preset's value already is, rather than be overridden globally by whatever the [MIN VAL] value is set to for the aux switch assignment.

      Here's an example of what I'm thinking. I'm envisioning being able to set up one of the external aux switches to be a kind of global "Drown Switch" – clicking it takes whatever is set on the currently loaded  preset's Mix value (via Knob 0) and toggles between that and 100% wet, effectively "drowning" the signal in whatever the currently loaded preset is doing.
      (yes, I am weird enough to actually have the need for that kind of thing on occasion… LOL)

      Now, let's say you have two presets – say, one based on a Blockhole algo and another based on Hall – who's saved Mix values are normally 70% and 45% respectively.

      If I understand the way the current aux switch methods are for control knob values per the user manual: if I were to assign an aux switch to Knob 0 (Mix) with it's globally set [MIN VAL] to, say, 50% and the [MAX VAL] to 100%…since this is a global setting, it would override the two preset's own stored Mix values of 70% and 45% when they load with the aux switch's own [MIN VAL] of 50%.

      What I'd like to see perhaps made available though a future update, would be to have an option that the aux switch's [MIN VAL] automatically "sees"  whatever the newly loaded preset's own Mix value is ALREADY set to – in this case either 70% or 45% (programatically, I imagine this being via some kind of globally accessible variable) and then locks the [MIN VAL] to it.

      Perhaps this could be done by having something like an optional [MIN VAL-DEFLT] as well as the current [MIN VAL], that when used when assigning the aux switch would look for an use the preset's own default value for that control knob, instead of jumping to a globally set one?

      I do understand that this kind of thing could already be effectively handled by the HotSwitch – but that's at preset-level, not a global setting for all presets like the aux switch assignments can provide.

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      Eventide Staff

      Sounds like a good one – it's now on the list !!

      NB This does not mean that other, unacknowledged, feature requests are ignored !!

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      +1 – I think this would greatly expand the capabilities of the AuxSwitches.

      I can see the usefulness of the Global Min and Max, if the same knob always controlled the same function, but they don't always. For instance, in Space, the Xnob controls LoDecay in the Hall algorithm, Early Reflections in the Room algorithm, Distance in Plate, Tremolo Intensity in Spring, etc., etc. The same thing applies to several knobs in many algorithms on all the Factors. Being able to set either the MIN VAL (as Har suggests) or the MAX VAL to the value stored in the preset would give us some control on a preset-to-preset basis of what the AuxSw would do.

      Great idea, Har! And thanks, Nick, for adding this to the list of things you'll be considering for future revisions!

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      Excellent, thanks so much Nick! 🙂

      And great idea about being able to also handle MAX VAL in a similar manner, Tim! 🙂

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