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      I really love that the HotSwitch on Space has its own [HOTSW CLEAR] function available to quickly and easily clear all of its assigned parameters and start over fresh – would it maybe be possible in a future update update to have a similar function available  to clear all the per-preset settings for the Expression Pedal as well, effectively un-assigning all of the parameters for a given preset at once?

      Something like this would be fantastic for quickly and easily providing a "clean slate" from which to work with on new preset ideas from scratch and/or modifying the existing factory ones….instead of having to essentially figure out the values for up to 10 Control Knobs per preset that could be already assigned to it, and then undo each one by setting the heel/toe values for each to the same value.

      Having something like a preset-level [EXPPDL CLEAR] function available that would simply un-assign ALL of the assigned parameters from the Expression Pedal for the preset at once would be a real time-saver! 🙂

      (and perhaps it could be positioned down under the same menu area as [HOTSW CLEAR] is – maybe by holding down the HotSwitch with the Encoder, then turning the Encoder to select either [HOTSW CLEAR] or [EXPPDL CLEAR] before clicking down on the Encoder one last time to select/excute it….?

      This could allow for a kind of single menu-level "Clean Slate" area where a user could easily do one or both. )


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      Geez this would save a lot of time on all the factors.. expression pedal de-programming is currently a pain in the butt.

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      The latest version of FactorLib (1.8) has a function to remove all the Expression Pedal settings. While this wold require a USB connection to a computer, it's a fast and easy solution and has been working for me since 1.8 was released.

      I also agree that clearing the ExpPedal settings manually can be somewhat of a pain, so I wouldn't mind seeing a function added to all the Factors to clear all the ExpPedal settings, as we can now do with the HotSwitch on Space.

      Definitely +1

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      Agreed. +1

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      +1 for sure!

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      Kyle Ford

      AMEN!  What a pain in the a$$ to clear the expression pedal. Give us a patch Eventide, please!


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