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      Hey guys,

      I have a little problem concerning MIDI assignment. I want to use the Hotswitch function for one preset, and control it with MIDI.

      This is my configuration :

      Preset 01 (on my MIDI Controler) – Program 01 (On Eventide)

      Preset 02 – Program 01 with Hotswitch

      So I'm playing with the Preset 01, and then I have to switch on preset 02. The program is the same, BUT, I want to use the hotswitch function without making tap-dance on stage. So I'm looking for a solution to assign the Hotswitch on my Preset 02 (MIDI Controler).

      I think "OFF" function on RCV MAP is the right solution with the aim of not cuting the reverb, but I'm still searching a solution for activate the Hotswitch…

      Is there one ? Big Smile

      Thank you in advance to any one who may be able to give me some ideas ! 🙂

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      Does anyone know a solution ? Sad

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      Eventide Staff

      I think what you want to do is make a new Preset in Space.  You'll want to save Preset 2 as the HotSwitched version of Preset 1.  Of course, you could just use the HotSwtich on Space, unless for some reason the Space isn't available under your feet to step on.  Either way, it's still one press of a switch.  

      If the Space isn't there under your feet for you to step on, and for whatever reason, the first method I mentioned doesn't work for you, you should check to see if your MIDI controller sends MIDI CCs, as we allow MIDI CC of the HotSwtich.  You'll want to map that CC to a specific button on your MIDI controller, or if your controller allows (most don't), piggy back the CC as part of your MIDI PC that switches to preset 2.  

Viewing 2 reply threads
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