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      I got my TF today and first impressions are i love it, HOWEVER? the spill isn't very smooth when changing presets!

      I much prefered it on the nova delay whereby the first delay would fade out and the new delay would just start from wherever you played, which made for smooth transitions. Rather than the "mix" style which isn't very smooth and practicaaly just switched straight from one to another with the briefest possible fade upon hitting the next preset switch.

      Basically what i want was the "dsp fx type bypass" trails to continue as you change preset and the new preset kick in when you play with the new delay, i think this option is very essential.

      Im disappointed really thats the one thing i needed and its the one thing your pedal doesn't do, so well. Esp considering the extra price. 

      Is there any chance you could fx this in an update??? Because apart from that I'm happy

      Cheers Harristablist

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      Eventide Staff

      There are reasons why it is the way it is. The smoothest spill would be if you had two distinct effects units, and you could fade one down while you faded the other one up.

      But, this would mean that each effect could only use half the total power, giving you less impressive effects.

      We decided to focus on the quality of the effects at the price of a lesser spill performance – some, but not all, will consider this the right choice.

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      thats not exactly what i want, i need it to have fadeout trails and the trails to continue uninterupted even when switching presets and then whenever the next sound is played the new delay kicks in like normal(no fade in) but this having the same trails. 

      Can you add an extra option within an update?

      My only quarms with it are as follows say I'm using a slow delay and a fast, using the slow one first, hit the middle switch and the trails will jump to the next delay fast trails, this is pretty useless in my oppinion.

      The bypass fx setting for the bypass switch seems fine on how i think it should operate but the switching of presets cracks the trails on this setting. if this could be applied to the spill, id be happy, Basically if the spill acted like the bypassFX setting in normal mode, while switching presets. NICE!

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