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      Hi everyone

      After testing all my keyboards, plugins and DAWs I discovered what was causing a 0.5 sec delay between hitting the key and hearing the instrument sound – Split EQ!

      I’m on a M1 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.4.1

      The weirdest thing is, the lag happens even if the plugin is turned off (bypassed)!
      As long as it’s anywhere, on ANY track of the DAW file, it adds this 0.5 sec lag time.

      Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update of SplitEQ

      Is anyone else finding this issue?


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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry you are having issues. How are you bypassing the plug-in? Are you using Logic’s native bypass or the bypass in the SplitEQ UI?

      In Logic, can you confirm that you have delay compensation set to “all” and you do not have “low latency” turned on?

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