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      Hi, I just started using Split EQ. I have a kick drum sample playing over and over. Whenever Split EQ is active, it changes the tonal portion of the kick every so often for a few beats, regularly. I’m running in Logic, and this happens both on the main audio channel and the bus. There are basically varying changes that happen in the higher tonal portion with a tiny amount of noise, while the transient part looks unchanged in the analyzer, but creates random slightly higher or lower spikes in my limiter (which doesn’t happen using a different EQ). The transient spikes are mostly a single beat every once and awhile that’s higher or lower. I seem to only hear noise artifacts when I’m actually EQ’ing a cut in the transient part around the weird area in the tonal part with the smooth control higher, but the spikes are still happening. It’s really weird. One would think the analyzer output of the sound would remain consistent as the sound is exactly the same beat to beat. My curve is a large dip in the higher freq of the transient part and a low shelf on the tonal part. I have tried turning off other processing and tried the different algorithms for the splitting (kick, full mix, general, etc.). Each algorithm seems to create different variations in the output. I have also tried messing with the “smooth” and splitting controls. With smooth at zero it seems to completely or almost completely cut out being able to hear the artifacts…I think…but changes are still definitely happening in the analyzer, and the varying transients are happening also. Without split EQ on, the transient amplitudes are all dead even in the limiter. I would have hoped this would be cleaner.

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      Sorry for the late response. Just to clarify, when you’re looping and EQing your kick drum and leaving the EQ setting as is, the output of the plug-in is sounding different when you’re not changing any of the settings?

      Could you please send me the DAW session where you’re experiencing this issue and I can look into it? You can send it to me directly at tskoglund (at) eventide.com

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        Hi, thanks for the reply. I don’t know how much it is “sounding” different (though I kinda think it is), but the output in the analyzer for split EQ is changing without me doing anything on the same sound and a limiter placed after split EQ is showing different readouts too. I emailed you at the address you provided.

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