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      I have a problem with Split EQ in Cubase 12 Pro / Windows 10. Everytime I open it, the Plug in window shows black and after a click in the Plug In window Cubase crashes.

      The strange thing is that when I open a second instance of Split EQ in a different Insert Slot, this one is displayed as it should.

      I worked with Split EQ before and this problem came up in the last days.

      Would be grateful for any solutions for this problem!

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      First, can you make sure you are using the latest version of SplitEQ? You can find the latest installer here: https://www.eventideaudio.com/downloads/?product=SplitEQ

      It’d be useful to see the crashlogs from Cubase as well as your system information. Please right-click the Eventide logo in the plug-in window and select “Copy Support Information to Clipboard” and then send that to support@eventide.com, along with any crashlogs from Cubase.

      You can also try turning OpenGL off in the plug-in settings and seeing if that improves the issue, but it would still be useful for you to email support with the information above to help us determine what is causing the issue.

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