Spliteq dont work with BIDULE and GIG Performer3?

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      Hi everybody, does anybody have the same problem? Cant get spliteq to work with gigperformer 3 or bidule. In bidule the vst2 version can be placed in the flow but dont work. The realtime levelmeter dont work or any other control. In gigperformer 3 the spliteq cant be seen in the pluginlist.

      What can be the issure?

      System is Intel i7-3770k with PC Windows 10 pro.

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      Ok here again, now Gigperformer 3 works with spliteq. I had forgotten to rescan with the systempluginmanager, my fault. But anyway, the Analyser dont work. Maybe i missed some funtion explained in the manual?

      But Bidule allready dont work with this plugin. Thats really bad because this Software has a slightly better soundquality.

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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry to hear about the issues. To address both of your problems:


      What version of Bidule are you using? When you say the level meters don’t work, do you mean the analyzer, or the meters in the right side of the plugin? Does the plugin pass audio, it’s just the UI that’s frozen?

      Gig Performer:

      Check and see if you have the option to “Use OpenGL” in the info menu in the top right of the plugin. Depending on your graphics card, OpenGL may not be available (or you may have turned it off?). The analyzer is only available in OpenGL mode on Windows, due to performance restrictions.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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