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      The strangest thing happened

      I started up my pitchfactor. It was in play mode and I wanted bank mode.

      I held down the right switch to change modes and i seem to have gone into

      some strange mode that i cant figure out.

      All the lights are on peak-red, tempo green,

      10 green lights against all the different effects

      Orange lights on for each of the switches

      and the display reads K_SW1

      I unplugged the machine from all connections and footswitches and turned it off

      I then powered it up.

      The display reads Test 1.6 for a few seconds then switches to the K_SW1

      with all the lights coming on.

      I cant find anything about this in the manual or online.

      Please help

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      Eventide Staff

      This means that the left-hand foot switch is stuck down or broken. Have a look at it and see if you can free it, otherwise it is damaged and will need repair.

      You can change the switch yourself if the pedal is out of warranty and you are handy, or you can send it in. Either way –

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