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      This is almost a general knowledge question about pedals, but is linked to specific Space problems.

      I tried my rig in stereo recently, through a mixer, the two stereo effects are the Space and the EHX Hazarai. but also tried it through an amp, one channel at a time.

      firstly it did sound amazing….but:

      The dry signal for both is way quieter than when the wet signal is engaged. I tried both isolated, mix set to dry, still HUGE change.

      Weirder is that when one is engaged the attenuation effect of the other disappears. I also tried the Space on DSP bypass, i'm usually on the relay bypass, and this made the effect disappear. I don't want to use DSP though as my fuzzes tend to overload the space, even set to line level.

      the line/inst switches did little, i expected 14-22dB from them but was more like 3-6. Including switching line in, amp out for the minimum volume.

      phase reversal only changed the tone no massive volume change.

      I understand maybe -6db if you are splitting between two, as this accounts for a volume change of double. But this is about 18dB or more, and has no reason to be doing this between the bypass/wet….. on both pedals….when only one pedal is splitting, the Space just runs two channels.

      What am i doing wrong? it must be a design for stereo pedals i am missing as ts the nature of the Hazarai too(except the DSP mode its not?!) completely confused. i though Lin goes to Lout and R to R and its as simple as that just acting as two channels, or splitting two channels.

      My aim is to split between AC30 and PA for either guitar or electric cello, happen to like guitar through clean PAs, just like Tame Impala!

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