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      Today I tried to use stereo input of H90 with some different effects in front of each input (used Input 1 and Input 2).

      At the moment I have only a mono preamp with headphones out as an output system, so decided to use only one out (Output 1) for now.

      During playing with one of my user programs (Instant Flanger || Instant Phaser) found that only signal from Input 1 is used, though on the first default program (Clean Ambient) signal from both of inputs is audible.

      At first I thought that the problem is in routing, but switching to series for my program didn’t help, as well as switching to parallel for Clean Ambient didn’t stop Input 2 from work.

      Then I enabled an INIT program and there were no Input 2 signal on it.

      After this I tried my another user program (Harmodulator -> Phaser) and both inputs were audible.

      Finally I’ve replaced Harmodulator with Thru algorithm and sound from Input 2 has disappeared.

      So I think the reason of such behavior is different input handling by each algorithm.

      Does it mean that only certain algorithms can handle stereo inputs or there’s a setting I’m missing that differs on these algorithms?

      I compared settings on tested algorithms but had no luck to enable Input 2 signal for every program.

      Searching for same cases didn’t give result as well, guess that’s because stereo in to mono out isn’t too popular scenario yet I think it’s possible at some venues with limited set of gear.

      I’m actually not sure that the reason is in using stereo to mono but can’t check it with stereo outs for now unfortunately.

      Thanks in advance.

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      Thanks for your detailed post. It sounds like this is an issue with specific algorithms using stereo in > mono out routing. I’ll test the algorithms you mentioned and see if this is something that needs to be fixed.

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