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      Hi all

      I’m setting up my board using 2 H9s. I sometimes go out with two amp so use a stereo set up. However, I do have a sum to mon box so I can switch to one amp if requred. I’ve come from a Strymon set up before the H9s so my knowledge maybe different but my question is are there any setting on the H9 that I should turn on/select so the H9 works as Stereo or is it all plug n play? My plan is to have one H9 in my looper so I can move it around the signal chain i.e. Modulation. The other will mainly be delays which will go into two amps. Any pointers etc

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      Well, the H9 supports a couple of different routing configurations.  These are described in the H9's manual on page 29:

      There's also a video explaining the routing modes:

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      Ok I did read that page but was a little confused however I didn’t have the unit in front of me at the time so I’ll do that next time. I’ll be back no doubt 😉

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