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      I am wondering if someone could shed some light on this for me…

      I'm running the space in stereo with two inputs/outputs going to separate amps.  Everything sounds fantastic, but if i turn on a fuzz pedal placed before the Space, running into input 1, both of my signals (outputs 1 and 2) are affected.  I want to run it in stereo, with one channel totally clean, and the other channel with fuzz.  Every time I try this, the channel with fuzz sounds as it should, but the channel that should still be totally clean is always affected by turning on the fuzz from the other channel.

      I know that it recognizes each signal independently, but both outputs 1 and 2 are being affected by a pedal placed before input 1 (with no pedal before input 2).

      I tried hooking up the Space to one of the amps' effect loops and the fuzz from the other signal no longer affected the clean signal, but when i had it set up this way, it got considerably louder and the volume controls on my amp seemed to be bypassed (i could not adjust my amps volume/gain/etc,) and therefore this does not solve my problem.

      Can anyone PLEASE help me out with this or explain why this is happening?

      Many thanks 

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      Unless you're using a dual mono reverb like DualVerb (A/B mix set to dual mono), there is going to be some blending between the two input channels.

      This thread addressed a similar question from a user:

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