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      Hi there!

      I've just bought Time Factor. I can hear low noise comming from TF when I put my amp at the proper volume. It became even more evident where it's comming from when I switched to relay bypass. When I'm playing quiet sweels with volume pedal that annoying hum is being multiplied by further delays. It is very strange that so called studio effects have any noise. I'm playing acoustic . quiet music and that is trully unbearable. Please advise something. Is there any other option then selling out my new device. Could it be any other reason for this hiss then TF factory failure.

      Please help!!!

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      Welcome to the forum…  Some things to try.

      1) do you have both toggle switches set to "amp" and "guitar" (both of them UP) ?

      2) are you using the Eventide power supply

      3) is anything else connected to the Eventide power supply?

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      Thx for answering

      1) Yes . When TF is in amp's loop effect both switches are down. Nothing changes though.

      2)Yes. I'm using 220V Eventide power supply.


      Even when I play only with this effect, still low hiss is present. Since I susspect that it's just the way it is I'm also trying to get some help from low voltage technician. Changing suspension leads ,pluging to different power sources, receptacles didn't help. By the way, is anyone having the same problems with TF or other devices?

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      Eventide Staff

      TF has pretty good noise performance. But, if you give is a very low level input and then put a lot of gain after the output, you will hear noise. This is true of all equipment.

      Or, you could have a hardware problem, but this is less likely. If you think you do, try other cables, then try another TF (speak to your dealer ?), and if you are convinced it is your unit, contact

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