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      I’ve started having a problem with the H9 making loud pops and crackles.  Almost the sound made as you insert your cord into your guitar jack while your amp is turned up. 


      It happened a few times before, but now it is constant.  I thought it may be my amp, but I’ve determined that is not the problem. It is only on the number 2 input and output running through my effects loop.  The weirdest thing is that it happens on all of my presets, no matter if they are active or not.  And some are set to POST and some to PRE but it makes no difference.  Except two of my presets, where the problems stops.  Both of those are using the Diatonic Harmonizer.  Very strange.  


      Wondering if anyone has an tips, or if I just need ot send in for repair?


      Here are some things I’ve tried to eliminate other issues:

      I have switched cables

      I have run a patch cable directly from the send to the return of my amp’s effects loop to test the loop

      I have unplugged all other pedals, and the power to them.

      I have switched to the H9 wall wart.

      I have changed the effects loop singal level switch (it’s a JVM combo 50 watt)


      I’m adding to this. I reinstalled the software.  I kept unpugging things, trying to isoltae the issue. After being down to having only the 2 Ouput going to my effects loop return, I still have the issue.  I then took the cable from my effects loop return and plugged into the input of another amp and I hear the same distortion. So, the problem is with output 2.  I still have not idea why it would work on the two presets that use Diatonic.  Very weird.



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      It may well be a hardware fault, but before you send it in, try connecting it guitar-H9-amp. Since the problem appears in channel 2, you'll need to put some dummy leads or plugs in channel 1 in and out.

      Make sure the power supply is plugged into the same place as your amp.


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      Thanks for the reply.  I did try this and I still have the issue.  In fact it will make the same noise with nothing plugged into the inputs, only a cable going from output 2 into the amp.  And I’ve tried on more than one amp.

      Here is a small video clip of the issue

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      Eventide Staff

      Looks like you've tried everything, so it is probably the H9. Sorry. – mention this thread.

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      Hey, I’m having the same problem I think. The video link above doesn’t work but mine is making a “thwump” sound intermittently. Powering it from the powermax didn’t help the issue (before I was running it on the supplied walwart).

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