Strymon is releasing the “Timeline” – Eventide – update those patches some more : )

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      I really dig my Timefactor. I'd like some improvements to the Vintage and Tape mods if possible.

      I bit reduction on the Vintage isn't very useful. I think it would be better if it were more subtle, and as you increased it, it made the delay more lofi in resolution both not so drastic and harsh like it currently is – where turning it up past 12 starts to create pops/and clicks that aren't very musical or emulate maybe what its supposed to do.

      Also, the filter. Can it be more like a Variable LP/HP chooser? With the control an Noon be neutral, and cclockwise or clockwise you choose from the above mentioned? I think that, coupled with a better bit/resolution reduction would make it far more effective.

      In the Tape mode. The filter seems to had way too much bass/low end as you turn the filter/tone control up. If that could be tweaked or made to function like the suggested above tone/filter on the Vintage, that would be awesome.

      The wow and flutter could be improved too. Around "4" on the wow, not 4 o'clock but when the control reads "4" the wabble repeats in a pattern, its not random, or subtle, its very apparent and kinda of ineffective in my opinion cause you can see it like clock work about to happen. I think it lacks the "unevenness" of the old tape units it wants to emulate.

      So i propose more subtle control for the Wow and Flutter controls, and more interaction between the two to yield different a combination of tones.

      Thank you! Love my Timefactor

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      I checked the "Timeline" out as well. It has one feature that I totally envy: The bank up/down logic!

      Basically, you press the left + middle FS to "bank down" and middle + right FS to "bank up"!

      If it has a 3 preset/bank mode, I will consider switching! I'de be a totally different person if Eventide would add these features in an update: My Coffee would taste better, marriage problems would disappear and I would stop seeing nightmares of large midifootcontrollers and racks full of axe-fx's!


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      I actually found that bank select layout to be kinda impractical…It seems like you could easily not hit both switches are once and turn on a preset that you didn't mean to….They should have a Aux Switch input like the TF – which is a good idea.

      Strymon's stuff sounds amazing so I imagine the Timeline will be really good.

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      I'm curious how these threads get buried and the staff rarely respond to them. I think competition is healthy to judge your product. That fact is i can't sell my timefactor for the price i could just a couple months ago.

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      I am sure that Eventide listen and read these threads, in fact I Know they do!

      But seriously, they can't really respond to posts on Strymon or whoever. That could be a political and marketing disaster to start commenting on other competitors products and not very courteous.

      Eventide have shown a commitment to continual improvement to their products, should they sit on their laurels? Hell No… And I am sure they are cooking up some evil brew for us.

      I wonder what will be next? I dunno… Still digging on my Space…love it….will be interesting to see how they build on Space and the other factors.

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      I bought space for the MangleVerb alone! not to mention I’ve had the PF since it was release. The Pitchfactor is one that i don't see it ever being touched by another company; It's a piece of art in itself.

      But as far as Timefactor,  just voicing my woes,  it seem someone else was listenning Wink

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