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      New to MIDI in my pedal setup, and I’m having some issues when setting up a patch list for my next show.

      One example: I’ve set up my switcher (Musicomlab MKiii+) to send a bypass message to my H9 (delay) on bank 2:2. My delay is set up to preserve trails when bypassed. When I switch from bank 2:1 (delay active) to bank 2:2 (delay bypassed) there is a noticeable stutter between the 2 sounds. The delay trails are present, but the bypass is very obvious. In comparison, if I bypass the patch from the H9 itself the transition from wet to bypassed is smooth and imperceptible. To be clear, I am keeping the H9 in the loop for both active and bypassed delay patches…the stutter is not caused because I’m cutting the H9 out of the loop altogether.

      Any advice?



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      Well, the devil’s in the details. It turns out that when I was switching from preset 2:1 to 2:2 I was also sending a MIDI signal to my second H9 (not mentioned above) asking it to reload the patch that was currently loaded and active. The stutter wasn’t coming from my delay patch at all, but the reloading of the reverb patch on H9#2. I set MIDI program change commands to “none” for the corresponding preset on my switcher and problem solved.

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      I was having the same issue

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