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      I recently got the timefactor and I am amazed by what it can do and I love it!

      In the last patch you enabled momentary modes for the aux switches. But you can only chose the min/max-value knob switching to momentary. I think it would be great if you could choose to have the “repeat” function momenary. That way it would be easy to do sutff like this:

      You can see in the video that the guitarist is holding down a button on his boss multi effect to get the infinite repeats.

      All the best!

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      I get what you’re saying here, but there’s a few ways around that for the time being.

      Bind one of your aux switches to both Feedback knobs.  Set – for example – Footswitch 1 (Momentary Tip) on Parameter 5 and Parameter 6 at the same time.  .  That’ll work for almost all of the Timefactor algorithms (not the Looper, and Filter Pong would be Parameter 5 only.)

      Then adjust the range from Min to Max to appropriate values.  The default ‘wide’ range will toggle between Feedback values of 0 and 110 (extreme runaway oscillation).  A min value somewhere above 0 gives you smoother fadeouts, away from delay buffer looping.  Feedback at 110 can get dialed down for more manageable effects.  I use a similar process over MIDI.  Triggering by switches that send one value when pressed, and another value when released.

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      Thanks for the answer.

      Thats what I do at the moment. But using this function always changes the feedback to the minimum setting at release, so it messes with the preset for the rest of the song if I want to use the function spontanously. Having the repeat knob momentary would not change the delay settings and therefor would be more usuable (to me). So I hope this option will be included in a future update.

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