Summing Stereo FX output to mono for recording and practice.

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      Hi all,

      In my pedal board are all 4 Evendide pedals…love them.

      Live I use a two amp/ stereo set-up, it sounds great!

      For recording and sometimes for practice I need to only use one amp or come out mono.

      Does anyone know of a Stereo summing box/ pedal that I have tthe end of the my chain or at least carry around in case I need to sum to mono.

      I found this Toadworks Ajax pedal but I'm not sure that it'll do what I need.

      The point is I don't want to have to screw with my pedals everytime I need to go mono.


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      I really haven't actually seen an active pedal that does this by nature
      because the results are usually undesired (you'll see and judge for
      yourself).  Summing a stereo effect might give you undesired effects through phase cancellation.  I highly recommend you simply unwire the stereo patches of your board.

      but if you insist…  a passive box like the Morley ABY will get you results you're after wiring it backwards.  there may be impedance issues as each output tries to drive the very low impedance of the other, forcing
      both outputs into current-limit . As a minimum,
      severe signal loss may result.

      the Toadworks Ajax is an active pedal that will do the job better.  even with the phase switch results will vary.

      let us know how it turns out!

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      Eventide Staff

      If you have a factor pedal at the end of your chain, most algorithms I can think of in the pedals should sum your two inputs to one output, as long as output_1 is your output.  The pedals know what is plugged in and change the algorithms' structure accordingly.  The only exception I can think of off-hand is Octaver in PF, which is always dual mono. 

      Of course, this is moot, if you don't have a factor at the end of your chain.  It might be worh trying out though.  


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