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      I was wondering if there are libraries of supermodules available. for instance, it would be nice if there was a supermodule for a basic reverb, flanger, phaser, delay, that could be used like virtual stompboxes, and could more easily be combined as a bigger Vsigfile preset.
      Off course, I get I could download and compile existing presets into such supermodules, but i wonder if they might be too complex individually.
      Obviously, creating such (somehow simple) supermodules could be a great way for me to become better at Vsigfile, but I was wondering if there might be existing modules available, and/or user presets.
      In general, i was also wondering where the users presets are. I downloaded the zip file from this site, but it only included like two presets. I guess maybe it's too complicated, and too few users have developed them, except for the Grand Poobah Italo?

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      Eventide Staff

       You are correct in that most users find supermodules to be beyond their requirements, even the G.P.I.

      As a result there is no great sea of supermodules to tap into. This is unfortunate. 

      Probably the best place to start is with your system's factory presets. The smaller ones can easily be made into useful supermodules. In particular, the Virtual Racks bank has a nice selection of small effects that are ideal supermodule candidates.

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      I posted several supermodules on the old EventideHelps web site. For example, I posted a supermodule I called DETUNER with two delays modulated in opposite directions, then I posted a supermodule I called NEBULA that contained 6 slightly stripped-down DETUNER supermodules in parallel to make a cloud of 12 pitches +/-50 cents wide, but very tight in time. The program sounded cool, and it also worked as a tutorial to show a useful programming approach is to make inner supermodules (to handle a repeated form) packaged inside an outer supermodule (to serve as a wrapper you can copy and paste into a program as you suggest). VSIG handles this reliably, and in retrospect, the reliability makes sense. I visualize a supermodule is ?really? just hiding things from being shown on the PC display. All the lines of code for the real factory modules are still inside the sigfile, so when VSIG compiles the code into the Eventide, it can simply run down the sequence of the real lines of code in the file and ignore the lines of code that create the ?illusion? of a supermodule. When Eventide created the DSP4000, they got an impressive array of concepts right!

      I imagine this web site is still under development, and Eventide has real products to take care of at the same time! I?m just saying if there could be a way to post files here, then I would be happy to post my supermodules again here as sigfiles along with documentation in PDF files.

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      HI Dave

      the forums will be enhanced by the addition of presets upload; this will happen in time and I'm sure, as you already know, it will be a very useful thing to have. <let's hope this can happen as soon as possible.

      warm regards


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