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      Hello everyone! I have an H9 with Barn3 OX9 and I would like to connect an additional switch to it, exactly the same as the Tesla of this same brand. But I want to build it myself, mainly because the box I have is a bit smaller than Tesla’s, just enough to put it in the exact spot on the pedalboard. I know that it ¬†works with TS cable (mono jack) but I don’t know the circuit diagram (I imagine it will be super simple). Another possibility is if someone who has the Tesla bothers to open it up and take a picture of it.

      Very grateful for any help you can give me.


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      Yes, this will be a very simple circuit to create. You can search for “DIY tap tempo” or follow these instructions and you should be all set https://diyeffectspedals.com/builds/diy-tap-tempo/

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      Thanks you very much!!!!!!!

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