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      Oscar Raap


      I'm using the TF in the studio a lot. I find it essential to be able to switch between BPM and ms readouts. I find the workflow somewhat cumbersome.

      In tempo mode, I can set BPM. Next I switch off tempo. To be able to read the equivalent quarter note time in ms I need to hit the tap switch once. The setting now appears in ms.

      Ok so far so good. Now, when I want to adjust the delay in ms I run into trouble. The catchup doesn't work, so I need to remember the ms value I tapped when I was in tempo mode and set the delay again with the delay knob before I'm able to continue with the adjustment.

      So the lack of catchup in this case prevents the kind of realtime editing when switching between bpm and ms. In rack systems this is not a problem at all, so this is something I dearly miss.

      Sadly factorylib doesn't support realtime editing at all, so there is no alternative to improve workflow.

      So in short, I strongly believe this unit needs catchup at all times, because the display is rather small and I need to keep track of what I'm doing. Also, the values disappear very quickly, so doing 2 things at the same time in the studio is very difficult this way.

      Can Eventide please make some improvements? Strongly reccommended!

      thx Oscar

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      What are you trying to accomplish by doing this? It sounds like you want to use Tap to set the delay time, and then be able to adjust it further with the delay time knob. When you adjust a parameter, while the display still shows the parameter value, you can use the encoder to further edit a parameter, whether it's the Delay Time knob parameter or the Tap Tempo parameter.

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      What are you trying to accomplish by doing this? It sounds like you are trying to Tap to set the delay time and adjust it further with the Delay Time parameter knob. You can always change parameters with the encoder, while the display shows the parameter value. So after you hit the Tap button you can use the encoder to adjust the value while the display still show the tempo in BPM or MS.

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      Oscar Raap

      Hi, thanks for your response. Yes I know about fine adjustment with the decoder.

      Basically it's a matter of workflow. Obviously bpm and ms are different parameters, but there is correlation between the two. I don't want to choose between either bpm or ms setup, I want to switch between the two whenever I want. I don't want to use diagrams of the relation between ms and bpm. I want the unit to calculate for me. Also, I want to work without pen en paper when I make changes, so the unit needs to be clear on when and how changes are made. I don't want the unit to get in the way of my workflow.

      I usually start by setting the bpm of a song. Then if I want changes I want to make them in ms and not in bpm. With the TF, after I turn tempo off, it is not clear to me whether the displayed time is the setting for delay A or B.  As soon as I use the delay knobs I either lose the setting I was in or I find that the delay A and B are in fact not set according to the delay time I had programmed using bpm.

      So there are two problems. There is no way of knowing what the unit is doing to delay A and B, because 1. catchup doesn't work when you turn off tempo, and 2. the software editor doesn't provide a readout for the various parameter numbers.

      The second problem is that I need to set delay A and B again to make sure they are actually set according to the desired time. This doubles my workflow.

      In summary, yes it really is as complicated as it sounds. By contrast, if I use a rack processor all I need to do is push a button to change between BPM and ms and thats it! The settings stay as they should, no need to do any reprogramming.

      If Eventide can improve at least one of the above problems, then i can work with it, because the unit is good in other respects. If not, it's either making notes and live with the inconvenience, or returning the unit and go for something more practical in terms of information display.

      Thx Oscar

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