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      sorry for the silly question but….

      i just bought a TF, wich sounds really great ! and i plan to buy now a MF. Is it possible via midi to sync the two ?

      thanks a lot


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      Eventide Staff

       In what way do you want to sync them ?

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      let' say that i have an time-based effect on TF with a given tempo and i'd like to sync it with the effects on MD ( trem, etc..)

      Do you think i can do that  via midi clock ? send and receive ?


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      Eventide Staff

      Alas, TF and MF can receive but not send MIDIclock.

      One approach would be to use one of the AUX switches (or MIDI CC) to control Tap Tempo and connect it to both units. Then if it was used to set the tempo, it would control them both.

      In the future we plan to be able to communicate the tempo between units more directly, but we have not achieved it yet.

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      sounds great … this would have been my question tooIdea

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