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      Today i was messing aground with these 2 look alike boxes and almost had an orgasm as i slaved the TF to the Adrenalinn,it was so cool hearing a groove and  filter efxs coming from the AD and a loop on the TF slaved ot it and starting and stopping both with the Adrenalinn.

      But sadly i noticed that the TFs loop started drifting and the fun was over;-(

      Will we ever see the light of day on this? just imagine taking 2 little boxes to a gig on a pedalboard it would be a dream come true if the synced!!!

      I also tried slaving the AD to the TF but no such luck either;-(

      why is there always something missing? the TF would be king if this worked because i dont think there is no other compact box that syncs its loops to a drum machine either in the market at the moment,not even the big Boss RC 50 !!

      Dear Eventide  are u listening to us?

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      Eventide Staff

      Why is there always something missing ? I ask myself this all the time.

      You don't say how you are slaving the units. I assume you are using MIDIclock.

      It has been reported that the TF MIDIclock implementation is less accurate than it could be. This has been much improved in the recently released PitchFactor, and if sucessful, will appear in the next (no public date yet) TF update. This will send MIDIclock as well.

      Note that there will always be a risk of long term drift, due to slight numerical errors – you may set your tempo to 120 bpm, but in fact it may be sent as 120.1 bpm, which will cause a drift of 3 seconds per hour.

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