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      ok…  Can't finf the previous post where this was discussed so I apologize if this problem has been resolved.  I can only sync EITHER my H9 OR my Core the iPad air, not both at the same time?  Please help, I've updated both pedals to the latest release as well as the iPad.


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      I've contacted the manufacturer of the Bluetooth chip we're using to see if they have any information about why this is. 

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      I have a H9 and a core also that I use with the iPad Air.  Mine will connect to both most of the time.  I can sync up either one relatively quickly but adding the other one,to have them both synced, can take a bit of time for the ipadair to see the other. It will say connected on the air but the blue light wont light up on the 2nd pedal.  If I leave it alone for about 2 minutes it may see it.   Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Also it will just freeze the iPad sometimes and I have to start all over.  I've just been putting up with it but thought I would chime in.  All versions of software are most recent.

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      I'm having the same problem here.

      H9, H9 Core, iPad Air

      I can't reliably connect to both H9's simultaneously, so I usually just connect to one or the other.

      Usually when I try to connect the 2nd H9, it shows "connected" on the iPad, but the Bluetooth connection light on the H9 never lights up.  After a little while the iPad status returns to "Not Connected".

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