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      Hi, is it possible to midi sync a TIme and Modfactor so you only have to tap in the tempo once to the one unit when using both together? 



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      Worked for me.  Connect midi out from the pedal you'll be using to control the tempo to midi in on the other pedal.  On the tempo unit, go to system menu, MIDI->Click Out->On.  On the other unit go to system menu->MIDI->Click In->On.

      Note that this is one way.  Once you've set this up, you can only tap in the tempo on one of the units, not both, but tapping one sets the tempo for both.

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      Hi Tomas, many thanks.  However…  I don't seem to have a MIDI->Click Out->On  or MIDI->Click In->On….  in either the Modfactor  (which I want to use as the tap unit) or the Timefactor.

      I haven't upgraded the software since buying, so could this have been added in an upgrade – or am I overlooking something?

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      Eventide Staff

      MIDI clock out from TF and MF is only available in the beta software on the Web Site, not as installed in shipping units. This will obviously change when the full release is available.

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      Thanks Nick.  I like the fact that I can still use "midi thru" with midi click enabled.
      I hope that's not a bug in the beta but a feature 🙂

      In general I think it would be nice to support merging midi signals so that e.g. my PF could send midi signals to my TF while still passing through other messages on other channels.  Right now there's either "thru" or "out" and it would be great to have "merge" as well.

      For example I could have an expression pedal connected to my efxmk2 and would like the expression pedal messages to go to all three pedals, but still be able to send program, cc and click messages from the eventide pedals.

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