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      Hi Italo,

      Is there any sysex documentation specifically for the Eclipse? I'd like to try writing a Studio Connections module for Eclipse, which requires some sysex knowledge, like Dump Request commands. The link on the Eclipse to "Tech Note #94" actually contains sysex info on the DSP4000/7000 and Orville. Some of the commands clearly aren't relevant, and do not work.

      Specifically, what I'd like to know is:

      1. Is there a way to request a dump for the current program. The command in the above pdf (SYSEXC_PROGRAM_WANT) results in an error message "ROM Algorythm Dump Not Allowed!".

      2. I can get what seems to be a dump of the entire internal memory using SYSEXC_INTERNAL_WANT). This works fine (at least it dumps something). What exactly does this dump contain? Setup & all Programs?

      Any guidance would be most welcome 🙂


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      Hi Rozzer

      unfortunately I have no information on this documentation. I'll try to foward your request and hopefully we may get something but I can't promise as a lot of things are going on  at the same time these days.

      kind regards

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      OK, thanks Italo.

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