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      ein mangfaldig kar

      I’ve been having problems with T-verb today.

      Different sessions, different problems.

      One samplerate going out of sync MIDI/audio error the other wouldn’t play …

      all fixed by disabling T-verb.

      any one noticed anything?

      I’m in Logic 10.3 OSX 11.6


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi, sorry to hear it. 

      First question – have you tried restarting your computer? OSX 10.11 is known to be buggy and sometimes restarts fix weird problems like this.

      In session 1, what is the specific out of sync error you are getting?

      In session 2, what do you mean it won't play? No audio comes through, or the session playback won't happen?

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      ein mangfaldig kar

      Thank you for answering!

      In session 1 it was audio & midi sync samplerate out of sync, 64 xxx recognized ( I am running at 96k) can’t remmember the error number.

      in session 2 the session would preroll and then stop.

      Saw your reply when I got back home did a cold boot this morning, yesterday I was only restarting the machine from the apple menu,- still no dice.

      it passes AU verification. and it happens on evewry bus as soon as it receives signal.

      It’s a shame that this would come up now, the T-verb had been the backbone reverb of a production I’m doing it’s great for making my room mikes be bigger!

      And these sessions were working last thursday…

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        Eventide Staff


        Thank you for the additional information. What version of Tverb are you using? Did you install any software, update your OS, change your auido interface settings, anything between when these issues happened and when they last worked?

        Regarding session 1, if you could find the exact error number that would be very helpful. You could also try the steps outlined in this article: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204466

        Are session 1 and 2 at the same sample rate? Are they using the same buffer sizes? Basically, what are the differences in how you are using Tverb between the two…

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