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      How do you take the TF into and out of bypass mode via CCs, in my case with the Musicomlab efx II?

      I have read all the forums that relate to this topic and have gotten some good info out of them, however not enough to slove my problems.

      What do I assign to the following

      RCV CH ?

      RCV CTL?

      and what ever else needs to be changed.

      Also how would I have to assign the controller according to the assignments I made in the TF (in my case the Musicomlab)

      Please help!


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      In the RCV CTL section of TimeFactor's MIDI Menu you can set BYP to be controlled by the MIDI CC of your choice. You have to match the CC number to one that your Musicomlab can transmit.

      You'll have to check your Musicomlab user guide on how to make it transmit MIDI CC.

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      Hi, any chance that the bypass "sense" reverse option discussed previously will be made available soon. This will then insure that Ground Control users will be able to bypass the TF / MF/ PF with the correct visual status feedback on both units, thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      This feature is in PF and is in the next eagerly awaited TF/MF release.

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      Ok did not realize its in the PF. Cant find reference to it in the manual anywhere. Can you point me to the page number ? thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      It's in the list on page 47 of the User Manual.

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      I've tried to use this with my PF and my musicom EFX.

      On their own, the bypass/activate CC messages work fine.  But if I make a patch that sends a PC and a CC (activate), then the PF will switch to the new preset, activate and then immediately deactivate (bypass) the pedal.

      It looks like sending a PC message will activate the patch and then the CC that should activate the patch, toggles the mode to bypassed.  Strange.

      Right now I have the PF in a loop on the EFX so this is not a big problem for me, but I'm curious if this is maybe a bug in the latest PF beta software?

      Great product btw.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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