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      I'm planning to buy timefactor and have one for testing at home currently. I can't update the firmware though because it's loaned from the music shop (current version 1.1). Otherwise I'm quite pleased with all except for how tap tempo creates kind of pitch shift/modulation sound when stomped in vintage delay, tape echo and mod delay. I've been going around different forums and I know that this effect is intentional but does the future updates (v.20 released betas) allow an option to get rid of this? For my ears this is really annoying sound and prevents me from using these delays when playing live.


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      from OS V2.0 release notes (PDF available on the Eventide website):

      Pitch Shifting removed from Tap and Preset Change
      On certain Effect Types where changing delay time causes pitch fluctuations, these pitch
      effects have been removed for the operations of Tap Tempo and changing Presets, yet remain
      when the parameter is changed via the knob or expression pedal.


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      Thanks for very fast reply. I was not able to get hold of v2.0 release notes for some reason. Maybe because I haven't registered the product? But good to know this, I'll be marching to music shop today and close the deal.


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