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      I have the following flow between components

      Ground Control Pro (Instant Access 5, Momentary, Ch 1, CC 4) -> GCX -> PitchFactor (Ch 1, MIDI OUT THRU, CLK OUT ON, TAP – CC 4) -> ModFactor (Ch 2, MIDI OUT THRU, CLK IN ON)  -> TimeFactor (Ch 3, CLK IN ON)

      I followed the instructional video on Tap Tempo syncing between multiple boxes and things work to a degree, but not quite what i need.

      In the above scenario, if I change the PitchFactor  MIDI OUT to XMT,  when I do my tap tempo on the GCPro, all 3 Factor boxes sync on the Tap Tempo.   The issue I encounter is that if I do this, any program changes I issue on the GCPro only reach the PitchFactor and never make it to the ModFactor or TimeFactor, due to the Pitchfactor not being set to THRU.

      Is there a setting that I can put on the Pitchfactor when it is in THRU to insert its CLK into the chain as a master device or I'm up a creek without a paddle here?

      Thanks for any assistance.


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      In a word….. No.

      But there have been some threads discussing this… Basically you need a midi merge box to merge the gcp commands and the clock from the factor.

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      I have the exact same issue with the setup. I ended up keeping midi thru set for changing programs etc. Then used the aux switch inputs to control tap tempo. You can build a simple cable to come off one of the ground control loops, and go to several factor pedals. Then use that switch on the ground control to tap tempo and have all factors lock to that switch. If you are handy with a soldering iron it was pretty simple to find the combination to match your pedal settings that control tap tempo (such as tip or ring). Then have that combo in parallel and connected together going to the same single switch on the ground control. can't remember if the ground control setting is latch or momentary but that should be easy to see what works best.

      YMMV- it all comes down to how you want to control your rig and adjust settings. For me, keeping tempo out of the midi world has worked the best. I am not syncing to any type of external sequencer or sync tracks, so if you need to do that then you'll need to keep tempo control in the midi world.

      Hope this helps

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      here is one of the threads discussing this, from a couple of weeks ago….


      (sorry could not link to it earlier, was replying on my phone)

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      Thanks folks for the replies, it definitely gives me some ideas.

      I'm leaning towards using a MIDI THRU 1 to 2 splitter on the output of the GCX, so one output goes to the Pitchfactor.   I'll take the 2nd output of the MIDI THRU, merge it with the output of the Pitchfactor via a MIDI merge box and the combine them on the input of the Modfactor and let everything go downstream from there.  Not sure if that will work, but it will be worth a shot.  Looks like it will be a couple of weeks at least before I can get the boxes as they are on backorder, but I will let people know if it works.

      Worst case scenario, I'll make an external momentary switch to go into the AUX inputs of all 3 boxes, but hoping to avoid that path, but at least know that it is an option.

      Thanks again. 

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      no worries, hope it helped.

      let us know how you get on.

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      oh by the way, in case you decide to try….

      you can not use the MIDI IN on the Ground Control Pro to merge, I tried that when I had one….it does not work….it does not merge the MIDI IN with the output unfortunately …. although it was not my preferred choice as it meant an extra MIDI cable across the stage and more agro during setup and packup.

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